The main objective of the site is to provide updated information on interactions with antivirals used for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C.

It also includes an information handbook on antiretrovirals, tools to facilitate communication of interactions to doctors, and fact sheets to better advise patients on how to take their medication or how to manage adverse reactions.



Rachel Therrien, Bpharm & Msc

Pharmacist at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Works as part of a team committed to the care of people living with HIV and HCV. Main areas of expertise: drug interaction management, treatment adherence and implementation of programs for better care of people living with HIV/HCV.

  • Contributing author for drafting guidelines in collaboration with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux du Québec.
  • Involved in various research projects in her area of expertise with the main university hospitals in the Montreal area.
  • Engaged through conferences or by developing tools to share knowledge with fellow pharmacists, doctors, nurses and patients.
  • Involved in teaching for pharmacy residents with the CHUM simulation team
  • Involved in the university education of pharmacy students in Pharm D and in the Master’s degree program in Hospital Pharmacy.

Claude Pichette


Documentalist for the HIV/HCV Therapeutic Guide website since 2013. Previously, he worked as Coordination Assistant at Programme national de mentorat sur le VIH et les hépatites for 9 years and also in the Omega Cohort.


Pham D Students

Several pharmacy students at Pharm D were involved in various projects related to the website.


CIVC CHUM Pharmacists Team

Several fellow pharmacists were involved through their collaboration, and discussions on various topics related to the website.

antony gagnon


Sincere thanks to Mr. Antony Gagnon Pharm D who collaborated in the development of the site in 1997.